Walmart Winter Life-Guard Newsletter

Thank you for your continued interest and support in helping Native American Families & Children in need of your help today. Please Act Now. We Need Your Help Today! NAHA is in URGENT NEED of any tax-deductible donation you can make to help our organization help families today.

You can give by donating ONLINE today, and help keep children warm this winter. Your donation will provide Native American Children with vital clothing such as winter coats, shoes, hats and gloves.

Remember, every child deserves to experience life, with the necessities that  our own children have. Did you know that 92% of all revenue goes towards helping these children feel special and loved.

All donations are Tax-Deductible and you will receive a tax receipt for your donation.
DONATE NOW for our “Winter Life-Guard” program which helps purchase warm  winter  clothing  for school-aged children by providing a _$75.00
purchase order good at Wal-Mart.

Please consider choosing one of our donation packages to donate directly using Paypal secured donations. EVERY DONATION HELPS so please make any sized donation that fits within your families’ budget today. With your aid we can help a child stay warm this winter!

2 thoughts on “Walmart Winter Life-Guard Newsletter

  1. Hi. I evaluate all my Native American charities. I have been donating to one special one for a long time; however, now I am finding that they spend a LOT of money on fundraising gifts and not much on programs. So, I am considering donating to other places, including yours. You have a very good website. I do want to make you aware that your organization had a bad write-up in ColorLines, Issue #11, Winter 2000. You may want to investigate it. But your good standing now will allow me to donate to you. Thank you.

  2. I am a outreach worker, that focus on Social Justice issues. I write to 3 Indians on Death Row. I am of Blackfoot descent, as my father is Puerto Rican. I am now focusing my efforts on the plight of the Indians at Pine Ridge Reservation and others. I am planning to send donation of goods for my people, and I find that their plight is one of a constant urgency. With prayers, love and concern.

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