NAHA Holiday Program

Thanks to the generous contributions of NAHA supporters, Native Americans are celebrating the same Thanksgiving, Christmas and Easter holidays as other Americans.

Holiday Program Meat

For many years now, NAHA has a tradition on the Reservations of providing turkeys to feed many Native American families on Thanksgiving and Christmas and hams on Easter with all the trimmings.  We have been able to provide approximately 1,500 dinners, enough to feed 10,000 Native Americans on these special holidays.

Before NAHA stepped in, many Native American families went to bed hungry or simply shared a slice of cheese or a bowl of watery soup on these special dates.  Not the kind of feast that most Americans expect on Easter, Thanksgiving or Christmas.

Join NAHA to make a Native American family’s holiday a little brighter by making a tax-deductible contribution on our secure and confidential donation page.  On average, NAHA can provide a holiday meal with all the trimmings for $18.00 for a family of five.  If you are able to contribute for one family or more than one, please consider doing so.

Please read the following letter from the Lower Brule Sioux Reservation:

Letter from Lower Brule Sioux Reservation