David G. Myers

Started in 1993 by David G. Myers, Native American Heritage Association is a charitable non-profit organization dedicated to helping Native American families in need living on Reservations in South Dakota and Wyoming.

After seeing the extremely poor conditions Native Americans have to cope with on a daily basis, Mr. Myers knew he had to do something to help them. So the mission began to help as many Native American families as possible with basic life necessities and self-help programs. Over the years, we have provided much needed hope and dignity to many Native Americans that need a helping hand.

David Myers passed away in 2014. Upon his passing, his daughter, Pam Myers, stepped in valiantly to take over her father’s mission to provide hope to the Sioux tribes living in abject poverty on the reservations of South Dakota. While she was president, she immensely helped expand NAHA’s outreach to even more Native American families. Unfortunately, Pam Myers passed away in 2023 passing the role of President over to Erin Hibbs. Erin has been with NAHA over 15 years and will continue to uphold the vision that was set back in 1993 by David Myers.

For over 30 years, through the loyalty of our donors, NAHA has continued to grow. We provide food, clothing, heating assistance, and other emergency support programs to the Native American families struggling to make ends meet each month.

Please consider making a tax-deductible charitable donation to NAHA. Or, to ensure we can maintain our regular programs, you may wish to consider something more permanent such as a monthly donation. Charitable bequests and other planned gifts are also greatly appreciated.