Testimonials and endorsements

“. . . On behalf of the Rosebud Sioux Tribe I would like to thank you for your generous gift of $6,000 for propane. Your commitment to helping during these cold days in our community is sincerely appreciated.”

William Kindle, Vice President, Rosebud Sioux Tribe
September 16, 2014

“. . . Thank you for your generosity, you have met so many needs!…”

Tara Vargas-Tucker, Counselor, Sicangu Owayawa Oti, Rosebud Dormitory
November 10, 2014

“. . . We have many stories of how NAHA food donations were the only staples in the house, especially in days towards the end of the month before food stamps and checks are available. We also know that NAHA clothing donations provided warm clothing . . . that many families were unable to afford . . . The relationship that our Tribe and NAHA have developed is priceless to us.”

Toni Wells, on behalf of Lower Brule Sioux Tribe
August 1, 2008

“ . . .We are able to supply them with much needed necessities such as diapers, baby formula, toilet paper, personal hygiene, blankets, household goods and non-perishable food items…We are very thankful for your program because without the help of NAHA we will not be able to meet the needs of our relatives.”

Defending Childhood Initiative, Rosebud Sioux Tribe
October 23, 2014

“. . . NAHA provides to our students and Program a wide variety of helpful goods: Students, and some of their family members with whom they live, have received bed mattresses. Thus, these people no longer sleep on floors. Students receive nutritional food supplements. Thus, students eat more complete meals…”

Charlie Garriott, Ph.D., Todd County High School
October 9, 2014


With the support of our generous donors, NAHA has earned prestigious recognition from organizations that we work with and from a leading Philanthropic evaluator. So that you know that your donations are being used to benefit the most Native American families possible, please read the following letters:

gik endorsement

The following is an excerpt from an article for America’s Second Harvest (currently named Feeding America):

“. . . Native American Heritage Association wanted to give Native Americans fresh produce. The Second Harvest Food Bank in South Dakota was able to offer help through America’s Second Harvest’s fresh food initiative. In 2002, this partnership has delivered 348 tons of freshly harvested potatoes, cabbage, sweet potatoes, tomatoes, onions, apples, carrots and bananas to over 30,000 Native Americans, many of them living in three of the poorest counties in the United States . . . Native American Heritage Association donates high quality produce in sufficient quantities to make a real difference to families here, states Fred Ponds, Pine Ridge Reservation Tribal Member and employee of the Community Action Program in Pine Ridge”.