Our Programs


NAHA Clothing Give Away Program

Every day NAHA receives approximately 20 to 50 boxes of clothing and other items from all over the United States.  And it all begins with the clothing arriving at NAHA’s office in Black Hawk… read more.

Food Programs

NAHA Food Program

NAHA works in partnership with Feeding America (formerly known as America’s Second Harvest) to obtain healthy, nutritious food to deliver to Crow Creek, Lower Brule, Pine Ridge, Cheyenne River and Rosebud Reservations all made possible by our generous donors… read more.

help a Native American child

NAHA Holiday Program

For many years now, NAHA has a tradition on the Reservations of providing turkeys to feed many Native American families on Thanksgiving and Christmas and hams on Easter with all the trimmings.  We have been able to provide approximately 1,500 dinners, enough to feed 10,000 Native Americans on these special holidays… read more.


NAHA Operation Winter Rescue

The bitter Northern Plains winter hits the Dakotas with fierce blizzards every year and the arctic wind blows from September into May.  Many Native American families – often with 10 or more people in the household, including children and the elderly – have no heat at all in their paper-thin, un-insulated homes… read more.


Toy Program

For over a decade, Native American Heritage Association has been providing toys to help brighten Native American children’s Christmas holiday. While we know this isn’t a basic life necessity, “Santa Claus” is an important part of every child’s life…read more.

Food Programs Truck

NAHA Emergency Voucher Program

Imagine that you need treatment for cancer or kidney dialysis or are simply sick and need to go to the doctor and the closest medical facilities are over 100 miles away.  You have no money to buy gas for your car or you have no car at all.  What would you do? … read more.

Tim Curns

NAHA “Winter Life-Guard” Program

When back-to-school time comes for the children of the Sioux Nation, winter weather systems are already descending on the Northern Plains. Yet many Native American school kids don’t even own a warm coat or even a decent pair of shoes. These are not items of luxury but a matter of survival in “Indian Country” … read more.