NAHA Clothing Give Away Program

clothingEvery day NAHA receives approximately 20 to 50 boxes of clothing and other items from all over the United States.  And it all begins with the clothing arriving at NAHA’s office in Black Hawk, SD.

NAHA receives donations of clothing, shoes, household and personal care items from caring, generous friends and supporters from around the country.

By the end of the week, we have enough clothing to fill our tractor-trailer.  Then the driver begins the long haul to the Rosebud, Pine Ridge, Crow Creek, Cheyenne River or Lower Brule Reservation to deliver the many items that so many Native American families will treasure.

Please read the following letter from the Rosebud Dormitory where a shipment was delivered:

Rosebud Dormitory
NAHA desperately needs cash contributions, but whether or not you send a donation today, please consider shipping your “gently” used items to NAHA (clean adult or children’s clothing, shoes, linens, blankets and household items).  Per our auditors, our methodology of valuing clothes (per thrift store values) are $14.72 per pound.  NAHA will send a tax receipt for clothing donations received. If you would like to make a tax-deductible monetary donation, please visit our confidential and secure donation page.

We’ll put your no-longer-needed items in the hands of Native Americans who will treasure them.  Please package securely and include your name and address on the inside and outside of the box(es) to insure that you receive a tax receipt for your donation and ship to:

Native American Heritage Association
12085 Quaal Rd.
Black Hawk, SD 57718

ClothingThanks to the number of clothing donations, this is one of NAHA’s most successful programs. Every month, hundreds of Native American families can acquire whatever clothing is needed for each family member.  And the price is always right because it is all free – paid for by the priceless gift of caring and concerned friends of NAHA.

We deliver on average approximately 25,000 pounds of clothing per month.  So check around your house for any “treasures” that you may have to donate to a needy Native American family.  For an accurate accounting of clothing that we deliver each month, please visit our NAHA Clothing Program Chart.

All clothing we receive is donated, not sold or taken to a thrift store. ALL ITEMS ARE DONATED.