2 out of 10 Native American families are hungry…

I am sure everyone has felt the wrath of summer heat and the heavy rain especially the Reservations in South Dakota.They were hammered with 9 inches of rain and the flooding of the Missouri river which washed out roads and even took the lives of two people. Feeding America generously donated a truckload of water and snacks and we were able to take it to the Lower Brule Reservations which was impacted by the flooding. They were so grateful of receiving these items because it made them feel like someone does care and someone does want to help them. But that’s what we do here at Native American Heritage Association. We help them when no one else will and we wouldn’t be able to do this without caring, generous donors like you. This month we also were able to acquire a truckload of diapers of various sizes and we still are getting truckloads of Wal-Mart products that have a variety of useful items.

NAHA is sending you this letter because we need your help acquiring food that will be delivered to the hungry families on the Reservations in South Dakota. In 2010 we were delivering on average 265,335 pounds of food per month and had many requests for more assistance. It sounds like a lot of food, but we serve 90,000 people, so in 2010 it equaled out to 3 pounds per person. Because of rising fuel costs, which everyone is being affected by, and our semi’s only averaging 5.3 miles per gallon, our food distribution is being forced to cut back on deliveries.

But with astute selection and negotiation, NAHA has been able to get very good values for your contributions which is why rates NAHA as a four-star charity for 7 consecutive years. If you could send $15.00 now, I can get 500 pounds of food or $30.00 will get 1,000 pounds of food. It is the same food that you or I would get at our local grocery store. Please send your contribution of whatever you can afford because unfortunately 2 out of 10 Native American families are hungry right now. We need your help today and so do the families on the Reservations who are without food at this moment, so please don’t hesitate to send whatever you can afford to NAHA today so we can hurry and deliver food to these Native American families who are in need!

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