March 2021 Newsletter

We hope everyone is having a great start to the New Year or at least better than the last. COVID has absolutely challenged us as far as getting product and delivering it to the communities who desperately need food and life necessities. We have accepted that challenge and have been able to make sure those who are in desperate need and request specific product get what they need to survive. We make sure our warehouse is cleaned and sanitized as well as the product. We just acquired four truckloads of hand sanitizer to distribute to the Reservations because sadly enough, many homes don’t have running water to be able to wash your hands whenever. We will also take it to schools, nursing homes and CAP offices throughout the Reservations.

You are probably wondering what a “miracle donation” is and how it will work. If you were to contribute $25, do you know what $25 could mean to a Sioux family? It could mean a new, not used, pair of shoes, a warm blanket to keep out the brutal blizzard-like winds. The shoes alone would bring tears to your eyes if you were to see in person what too many Native Americans have on their feet, shoes that have no soles holding the upper parts in place and that’s those who actually have shoes. Sadly, too many children go without, even in the wintertime.

You have to be thinking, “Wait a minute. $25 can’t go that far.” Under what we might consider “normal” conditions, of course not. But that is why NAHA exists. We constantly contact and plead with manufacturers and large distributors to acquire inventory at so far below the lowest wholesale prices that sometimes ourselves find it hard to believe what our handful of dollars can accomplish. Here are some of the ways we can increase the value of your donation:

  • $2,000 in contributions = $172,000 in hand sanitizer
  • $4,000 in contributions = $300,000 in blankets and bedding
  • $6,000 in contributions = $220,000+ in clothing
  • $6,000 in contributions = $138,000+ in mattresses
  • $960 in contributions = $90,000 in shoes
  • $2,000 in contributions = $1,000,000 in furniture, hardware & tools

Please donate today and help us continue to acquire the products that are life necessities and help them to survive on a daily basis. No one else is helping them so they are counting on us to make sure they have food on their table, heat in their homes, warm clothing and blankets, and any other necessities.

We are a 4-star charity for 16 years and 97% of our total budget goes towards program services. For more information on our 4-star rating with Charity Navigator, you may visit Please share this with friends and family and spread the word.  Don’t forget, timing is crucial so please don’t put this aside; donate now to help these proud Sioux people.

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