June 2020 Newsletter

We have been able to acquire such great truckloads including a variety of food items such as bottled water, nutrigrain bars, milk, cheese, hamburger beef, etc. It is great knowing we are getting healthy, nutritional food for those who have nothing to put on their tables by the end of the month. Or those who scrounge for food their whole life. That is why we do what we do, to make sure we come in with products and food when they absolutely are in dire need. Which is why we are asking for your help today so we can acquire more truckloads of food.

The COVID-19 virus has really put a halt on so many things but NAHA cannot stop, no matter what is going on or how bad it gets because that is when people are in need of help more than ever. You throw the COVID-19 on top of third-world conditions (yes, third-world conditions right here in the United States) and it creates even more poverty and problems.

Two of the poorest counties in the USA are on the Reservations that we serve. I would like to ask; won’t you please help us provide food for the Native Americans? Many are starving on the Reservations. In fact, two of every ten Native American households are without food. That is where we step in to put food on the tables and save lives. We cannot do this without your help. We deliver more than four million pounds of food every year and we are able to do that through contributions from our generous donors and our resources that we buy food from, undercharging us. An example of how much food we can buy with your donation: $15 will purchase 500 pounds of food; $30 will purchase 1,000 pounds of food and so on. The more you can contribute, the more food we are able to provide hungry Native Americans. Please, donate any amount you can afford today so we can start getting the food delivered. Without NAHA, they will not have enough food to last through the month. Which is why this is such an urgency.

Thank you in advance for any support you are able to provide and please stay safe!!!

One thought on “June 2020 Newsletter

  1. My mother started donating many years ago, as she passed almost four years ago I have continued to donate in her name, though of limited means as a taxi driver I know how truly fortunate I am , so the hundred dollars or so I send help a bit , I know that a more deserving charity cannot be found . I will try to to donate monthly.

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