July 2020 Newsletter

School is right around the corner and it’s time for parents to make sure their children have school supplies and the necessary clothing to get them through the year.  Unfortunately for families on the Reservations, that is easier said than done.  They don’t have the luxury of hopping in their car and driving 5 miles to a Target or a shopping mall and buying these necessities. That is why we have our “Winter Life-Guard” program. This program will provide each family a $75 Wal-Mart voucher that they may use to purchase pants, shirts, shoes, jackets and any other type of clothing for their child or children.  It’s not about having the cool, hip style for these kids. It’s about just having a pair of pants, a shirt and a decent pair of shoes to wear to school. When winter hits the “Rez” it can be deadly to go outside without the proper attire. So not only are the Wal-Mart vouchers used for the start of school, but to keep them warm when winter comes.

If you have ever been to South Dakota, it can get dangerously cold. Faced with the prospect of sending their children out in the cold without proper coats, gloves or shoes with holes in them, parents often decide to keep their kids home from school. But a good education is the key to Native American children getting a chance to better themselves. NAHA is determined to make our 2020 “Winter Life-Guard” program the biggest one ever and provide purchase orders to every family in need.

Won’t you be a “Winter Life-Guard” and make sure a child doesn’t go without the proper clothing this winter/school year. They are counting on us to help them and we can’t do this without the generosity of donors like you. If you can contribute $75 today, you will truly be a “Winter Life-Guard” for a child. Thank you for being a supporter of NAHA and for making a difference on the Reservations. We also accept gently-used clothing for all ages, school supplies, new toys for Christmas, diapers, baby items, bedding, etc. You may ship these items to:

12085 Quaal Rd
Black Hawk, SD 57718

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