Fall Voucher Newsletter

Native American Heritage Association would like to share some wonderful news with all of our generous donors like you. Just a few weeks ago we were presented with a check from the United Auto Workers so we would be able to purchase three vans from FORD to use them as medical transportation for the reservations. This is such a blessing for the Native Americans living on the Reservations who need to go to dialysis three times a week or for a sick child or the elderly who need to get to the doctor but have no way of making it there. Now they don’t have to worry about finding a way there or getting enough gas money to go get medical attention. Not only did they present us with a check to purchase vans for medical transportation but they went to their different plants around the United States and were able to collect a truckload of clothing and toys.

There are still many harsh realities occurring on the Reservations which include:
— Over 80% unemployment;
— Not enough food to last through the end of the month;
— Ramshackle housing with little or no insulation to fend off the cold;
— No money to buy medicine or gasoline to run emergency errands; and
— Threadbare clothing that gives little protection against harsh blizzard winds.

These are just a few of the reasons why we are in dire need of your help so we can purchase Emergency Vouchers to help them get through the frigid, below freezing winter months. NAHA’s Emergency Voucher program allows cold and hungry Native American families to purchase food for their children, heat their homes during the bitterly cold winter months and care for the elders. It’s hard to keep up with the rising demand for vouchers for essentials like food, clothing and propane for heating stoves. Our Emergency Vouchers are as good as cash at grocery stores, fuel depots and other merchants and are to be used only for the greatest need of Native American families.

So I am asking for your immediate help to raise the Emergency Voucher program to the $50,000 needed to help spare reservation families horrible suffering this winter. Please donate whatever amount you can spare so that Native American families will be able to acquire food, clothing and fuel for their stoves to make it through the most dangerous time of the year for them, WINTER. NAHA wants to show our appreciation by saying THANK YOU for being the kind and generous donor you are!

2 thoughts on “Fall Voucher Newsletter

  1. In our Church {New Hope Baptist Church}
    Crossvile, Tn.38555…we took an offering
    to buy 2 stoves yesterday, Oct. 2,2012…
    Monetary gifts according to your website
    is to be sent..not to Front Royal,Va but
    to Sd yet my envelope is addressed to Front
    Royal, Va. that was in my mailing lst week.
    Plese advise where to send $180. for Stove Fund. Pastor Vern

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