Emergency Vouchers Campaign

We are proud to announce that for the second year in a row, United Auto Workers has generously donated money to NAHA’s programs. Brock Roy of UAW visited the Reservations last week to present the check to NAHA, which we were honored to accept. We already have used some of the money to replace the security system at the Rosebud Dorms. It was in desperate need of replacing so they were delighted that we were able to do that for them. The rest will be put towards our programs that help Native Americans get by during the most crucial times of the year.

We have been able to deliver more clothing to the Reservations than usual thanks to the generous donors who have sent in gently-worn clothing for our Winter Life-Guard program. Also, we successfully were able to provide Native American families with Wal-Mart purchase orders valued at $75 each which allowed them to purchase warm school clothing for their children. I wish you could have seen their faces and heard their kind words when we handed them their Wal-Mart purchase order. It was very heartfelt to hear how much they appreciated everything NAHA has done for them and their families. We told them none of this would be possible without the help of our caring and generous donors.

It’s that time of year again that the Native Americans dread: WINTER. With that being said, NAHA desperately needs your help in raising enough funds to be able to distribute Emergency Vouchers to Native American families. The Emergency Voucher Program allows cold and hungry Native American families to purchase food for their children, heat their homes during the bitterly cold winter months and care for their ailing elders. Our Emergency Vouchers are as good as cash at grocery stores, fuel depots and other merchants. We specify that the vouchers are only to be used for the greatest need of Native American families, such as food, gas or heating fuel. The brutal winter on the Reservations is fast approaching so no matter how much you can contribute, I ask that you respond as quickly as possible. We need to get them prepared for the cold months ahead so any amount that you can give will be greatly appreciated and could possibly help save a life.

Remember we always accept gently-worn clothing, shoes, blankets, jackets, etc. throughout the year especially during the cold winter months. You can send these items to: NAHA, 12085 Quaal Rd, Black Hawk, SD 57718

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