Emergency Voucher Newsletter

This Easter was a good one for the Native Americans living on the Reservations in South Dakota thanks to all the caring, generous donors like you. We were able to deliver 1,500 hams to all of the reservations. It warms my heart to know that because of caring donors like you, Native Americans were able to sit down together and enjoy a nice Easter dinner with their families and friends.

For the month of April we received more Wal-Mart loads filled with various items such as paper towels, toilet paper, soap, clothing, etc. We received our last load of Tempur Pedic mattresses which have been a blessing to the Native Americans. It’s wonderful to know that they have a nice, comfortable clean bed to sleep on instead of sleeping on the hard, cold floor. We also received a load of various children’s books, which will be great for the schools on the Reservations. We delivered clothing and food to the reservations which consisted of bread, water, potatoes, cabbage, soups, canned goods and other assorted food.

As you are aware, winter doesn’t end till the last part of May on the Reservations. This is why NAHA is pleading for your help. For the months of November through March we deposit funds with the St. Francis Energy Company, thanks to generous donors like you. We just sent what would be the final check for the bitter cold winter, but unfortunately the Native Americans are still being hammered with temperatures below freezing, ice storms and snow. The Sioux are a proud people, they don’t want to rely on others for essentials like food, clothes for their children or propane to heat their homes, until they have to face reality that they have nowhere else to turn. Native Americans have to face other harsh realities of Reservation life:

> 80% unemployment;
> Not enough food to last through the end of the month;
> Poor housing with little or no insulation;
> No heat in their homes to ward off the cold; and,
> No money to buy medicine, clothing or other basics you and I might take for granted.

So you see this is why I am asking for your help and to donate whatever amount you can afford to NAHA so we will be able to purchase more emergency vouchers for the Native Americans so they can get through the last part of this harsh winter. So please, donate today so we can get emergency vouchers out to the Native Americans immediately!!!

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