August 2013 Newsletter

Winter is just a couple of weeks away for the Native Americans living on the Reservations and they are steadily getting ready for the long months ahead. Here is a summary on what’s been happening on the Reservations this summer. We have distributed paint which was stated in previous newsletters that has been used to clean up nursing homes, dorms, etc. The garden and vegetable seeds that we delivered have been planted and harvested. We were also able to acquire fertilizer to help with the growth of these seeds from our Wal-Mart truckloads we get in every week. We have just been informed that we are getting more of these seeds here in the next few weeks that we will store until springtime. The medical supplies that we have acquired have helped the hospitals, nursing homes and dialysis centers immensely. NAHA continues delivering and distributing food, clothing and basic life necessities on a daily basis to the Native Americans who otherwise would go without. They rely on our help to make it through the week and even sometimes through the day. Your support makes a huge difference in the lives of these people and they are truly grateful.

Winter is just a few short weeks away which means we need to start getting food, clothing and fuel vouchers to these families so they can start preparing for winter NOW! NAHA’s Emergency Voucher program allows cold and hungry Native American families to purchase food for their children, heat their homes during the bitterly cold winter months, and care for their ailing elders. Our Emergency Vouchers are as good as cash at grocery stores, fuel depots and other merchants because NAHA supporters like you back them up with your generosity. So no matter how generous you decide to be, I need to ask you to respond as quickly as possible with any amount that you can afford. The harsh realities of Reservation life are:

  • Over 80% unemployment;
  • Not enough food to last through the end of the month;
  • Ramshackle housing with little or no insulation to ward off the cold;
  • No money to buy medicine or gasoline to run emergency errands; and,
  • Threadbare clothing that gives little protection against biting blizzard winds.

You can see why the normal life expectancy on the Reservation is only 58 years of age which is why the support of our Emergency Voucher program is urgently needed. Please be the kind and generous person that NAHA knows you as and send whatever amount you can afford so we can start getting these vouchers out before the tough winter weather arrives. NAHA and Native American families and elders are counting on you to help them get through the hard months ahead. Please rush your donation in TODAY!!!!

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