April 2019 Newsletter

The Reservations we serve have been hit with weather that has caused the governor to declare it a disaster. They are being hit with so much snow, ice, rain, and wind, that major flooding has caused families and elders to lose their homes and possessions. Those who’ve only had a tent to live in, have lost everything as well.


Many of the communities have been evacuated to school gyms or a relative’s home but there are still many Native Americans that just have no place to go. The tribal office has their own disaster team who are on the ground now helping people get food, blankets, clothing, etc. We have also been taking extra loads of food, water, emergency supplies or anything else they are requesting of NAHA. What was already a dire situation has now become a devastating situation.

This is a situation where we want and need to help, but also require the funds to do so. That is why I am sending this email. To ask for your help, because I know that you have helped in dire situations before. This is an extremely urgent situation. We need your help. Will you help us be able to get whatever they need to get back on their feet or at least survive until they can start rebuilding again? We already have the resources set up to help so this is something that needs to happen immediately. Whatever you can manage to donate would be greatly appreciated and will help out many Native Americans that have lost everything. Please donate now so we can get moving on getting more truckloads out to the communities. From NAHA, we thank you for your support in this matter, because it is a highly urgent one.


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