2012 Easter Newsletter

I don’t know about you but time sure is flying by. It’s almost spring and warm weather is just a few months away. Since the last newsletter went out we were able to acquire truckloads of assorted food, drinks, bread, meat and tomatoes. Another wonderful truckload that came our way was brand new assorted clothing for all different ages and genders which also included baby items and craft supplies which will be delivered to the schools on the Reservations.

We have such a huge demand for baby products such as diapers, formula, etc. and we can’t always get these items but when we do they go very fast. So if you know anyone who has these items who no longer needs them please ship them to our warehouse at: NAHA, 12085 Quaal Rd. Black Hawk, SD 57718.

As you all know Easter is right around the corner and I am sure you and your family have special plans for that day whether it’s having dinner together or just spending time with each other. We need your help to make sure Native American families are able to celebrate Easter with their families and enjoy this day by providing them with all the makings of a traditional Easter dinner. I know that this day is not about eating good food but about spending time with your love ones, the dinner just makes it a little bit more special and ensures that they will not go hungry on this day of happiness and also gives them food for days after.

But by purchasing in bulk and using our own trucks to deliver the food, we can provide a nutritious meal for a family of five for just $30.00. We are hoping to provide dinners for 1,500 families which is why we desperately need your help so we can fulfill our goal and make sure Native Americans can enjoy this day just like you and I will. Remember, we can’t do this without caring and generous donors like yourself. Please help NAHA help the Native Americans so we can provide them with a nice meal for Easter. Thank you for all your support and for wanting to help others who are in need.

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