Won’t you help Native American families stay warm.

This Christmas was a very exciting and enjoyable day for many Native Americans on the Reservations. NAHA delivered six tractor trailer loads of toys to Pine Ridge, Rosebud, Crow Creek and Lower Brule. This was the largest amount of toys NAHA has ever distributed to the children, which is wonderful news to hear. NAHA also delivered 1,500 turkeys with all the trimmings to the Reservations so that Native American families could enjoy a nice, hot nourishing meal for Christmas and days after. So you now see why this Christmas was that much more special and it would not have been possible if it wasn’t for kind and generous donors like you. We are still getting in loads of Tempur Pedic mattresses and have been able to acquire diapers, toilet paper, paper towels, soap and bedding which are very hard to come by.

The cold, harsh winter is still wreaking havoc on the Reservations with well below freezing temperatures, blistering winds, and snow with most day time temperatures staying in the negative degrees. So can you imagine it being that cold and not having any source of heat in your home? This is the way it is for many Native American families with children and elderly living in their homes. It’s hard to even think anyone has to suffer like this. This is why NAHA has Operation Winter Rescue so we can help out as many families as possible. NAHA funds a special voucher account at St. Francis Energy Company. Emergency vouchers are then distributed by tribal leaders to families with the greatest need and are then “cashed in” for free propane. Each voucher is worth $100.00 which isn’t enough to fill up a propane tank but at least enough to keep them warm through most of the month. I am telling you this so that you will help out a Native American family in need of a warm house to live in. NAHA wants to help out as many families as possible, but we can’t do this without your help. So please, won’t you help and send whatever amount you can afford to NAHA’s Operation Winter Rescue?

2 thoughts on “Won’t you help Native American families stay warm.

  1. Iwould like to try to help. Do you have any kind of pamplets that i could spread the word about what you folks are doing.I travel around the sacramento,ca. area,and up around the san francisco-bay area.My trips are attending street craft fairs buying bead supplies,and selling my crafts.I come in contact with many people who i think would be able to help with donations given the right information about the good things that you folks are doing.Please contact me,Thanks EDDIE SANTOS

  2. A Facebook friend shared y’alls’ information about the NAHA. I WILL send something and very soon !!!! I’ve been a homeless & needy person in my not to distant past and saw over and over how The Great Spirit/ God/
    The Higher Power worked through people.
    Most of the people & organizations that helped me said, “no need to repay the favor;
    just pass it along to someone else when you can”. So, here’s another opportunity for me to “pass it forward”; and that’s all I ask for whatever clothing, blankets, or money that I will send.
    Janet L. Bedford
    P.S. My grandchild is of Sioux heritage and
    may want to pass along some of her
    ‘gently used’ clothing, too.
    I will ask her and her Mom.

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