Will it be a happy Thanksgiving on the Reservations?

Imagine sitting down at your Thanksgiving table this year and seeing no turkey, no mashed potatoes, no corn or fresh-from-the-oven-pies … nothing but a slab of cheese and a few slices of old bread.

It wouldn’t be much a Thanksgiving dinner, would it? Hundreds of hungry Native American families on South Dakota Reservations don’t have to imagine what it’s like to go without on Thanksgiving Day. They have experienced that cruel reality many times over. One out of every four children struggles to find their next meal. That’s why I need you to help us purchase and deliver 1,500 Thanksgiving Day turkeys to families in need.

This year – with more Native American families than ever at risk of going without on a day when Americans sit down at tables overflowing with food, I am determined to match our all-time high of delivering 1,500 turkeys.  That’s why I am urging you to send the most generous Thanksgiving contribution you can manage to NAHA today.

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It’s important that you respond both quickly and generously for two reasons:

Even though NAHA purchases turkeys in bulk, allowing us to stretch our dollars much farther than an individual could at a grocery store; it still takes a large sum of money to buy 1,500 turkeys.

Buying that many turkeys and getting them to families in remote  parts of Reservations served by NAHA takes several weeks.

Because Thanksgiving falls at the end of November and in the dead of brutally cold South Dakota winters, it’s a difficult time for Native American families.  Their struggles are even tougher during the winter when whipping winds cut through the paper thin walls of their homes and at the end of each month when food runs out.  That’s why I am counting on you to understand the urgent need for your support and to make your Thanksgiving contribution to NAHA a most generous one.

Just as pilgrims might not have celebrated the first Thanksgiving without the help of kind Native Americans, Sioux people on South Dakota Reservations won’t have much to celebrate or food to eat without the help of generous NAHA supporters like you.  Remember that 92% of all revenue goes towards helping the Native Americans in need. SO PLEASE ACT NOW and give Native American families a Thanksgiving to remember!

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