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Winter is finally here on the Reservations and NAHA has been preparing for the brutally, harsh winter that is upon the Native Americans. Every year the Reservations are hit with ice storms, biting winds, below zero temperatures and blizzards so fierce they have no electricity for weeks which lead to death and illness. We have been able to give out vouchers for food and fuel so they won’t be stranded during the winter months starving and freezing, but that doesn’t mean they will be okay through the winter months. They are just thankful to be able to have something rather than nothing at all.

This month our food trucks have delivered fresh pears, meats, assorted drinks, food and various life necessity products. Also the vans that we purchased thanks to United Auto Workers should be arriving any time now.

As you all may know the holidays are rapidly approaching and we need your help to purchase Thanksgiving turkeys for the families who would otherwise go without any food at all on Thanksgiving Day. Just as you and I enjoy spending the day with our families and enjoying a nice, hot dinner, so do the Native Americans who struggle to survive day to day. Our goal is to purchase 1,500 turkeys for the families living on the Reservations so they can enjoy at least one day without having to worry if they are going to have anything to eat. The nice thing about it is they will take the bones from the turkey and make soup from it which will last them for days. So not only will they have food guaranteed for one day but they will have something to eat days after.

The parents of Native American children won’t have to tell them, “sorry kids all we have to eat is stale bread and tap water to drink,” if that for Thanksgiving dinner because caring donors like you have helped provide them a hot, nourishing meal. Any amount will help so if you could donate whatever you can afford it will be much appreciated by the families who won’t go hungry this Thanksgiving because of you. Again, Native American Heritage Association is so grateful to have such caring and generous donors like you; otherwise we wouldn’t be able to do what we do today. We would like to wish you and your family a Happy Thanksgiving!!!

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