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First let me take this opportunity to ask that you please to watch the video that shows the heart breaking situations on the Reservations.

You can see their daily struggles but also how much they appreciate what NAHA (which we couldn’t do without the help of our caring donors like you) does to help them get by day to day. Also give them hope which a lot of them have given up on. We can’t fix every single problem on the Reservations but we can make it better for them by keeping them warm on blistering cold nights, putting food in their stomachs when they haven’t eaten in days, clothing them when all they have is thread-bare clothing left and just showing we care makes a big difference.

When we provide them with paper towels, toilet paper, laundry detergent, hygiene products, etc. it makes for one less thing they have to worry about buying when they don’t even have money for gas to get to the grocery store. I hope this video helps you understand the conditions on the Reservations and makes you realize that this is happening in our own back yard and something needs to be done about it. NAHA would like to thank DreamMaker Nation for providing such a heart moving, emotional video for us to share and put awareness out there so we can help the situation get better.

Right now on the Reservations in South Dakota it’s extremely cold with temperatures dropping below zero and whipping winds making it feel even colder. Native American families huddle in the living room because it’s the only room they can keep warm but even that’s about to end because their fuel is about to run out or they have nothing left to burn. These families include small children, teenagers and senior citizens. I couldn’t imagine watching any of my family members freezing to death and there was nothing I could do about it because we couldn’t afford anymore fuel to put in our stove or tank. This kind of situation happens everyday on the Reservations during the winter months. So I am pleading with you today to donate any amount you can afford which will be used to purchase stoves and fuel vouchers to keep their homes warm. $90.00 will purchase one stove and $100.00 will help fill up a propane tank at least half way which will last them about a month. Thank you for being such a generous and caring person and for helping save a life on the Reservations in South Dakota.

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