September 2015 Newsletter

This month has been extremely busy for NAHA. Our trucks have been running non-stop delivering truckloads of Tempur-Pedic mattresses to the Reservations, including Northern Arapaho and the Eastern Shoshone tribes in Wyoming. We were able to provide the Wal-Mart clothing vouchers to the parents of children who were starting school. The parents purchased jackets, pants, socks, shoes, shirts and underwear. It was great seeing smiles on the faces of parents who now knew their children would have the proper clothing to start school with and for the cold weather that is just around the corner. Our trucks delivered brand new NIKE clothing (thanks to Good360), school supplies and shoes to the children at the dormitories.  We also took drinks, frozen food items and healthy snacks to the CAP offices.

We do have an urgent request that needs your attention immediately. We need your help to be able to provide Emergency Vouchers to the Native Americans in need. NAHA’s Emergency Voucher program allows cold and hungry Native American families to receive food for their children, heat their homes during the bitterly cold winter months and care for their ailing elders. The pressing need for NAHA vouchers is made clear by just a few of the harsh realities of reservation life:

· Over 80% unemployment;

· Not enough food to last through the end of the month;

· Ramshackle housing with little or no insulation to ward off the cold;

· Threadbare clothing that gives little protection against biting blizzard winds.

The need for NAHA vouchers is greater than ever. Please be generous!!!

Such terrible conditions help explain why the normal life expectancy on the reservation is only 58 years of age, as well as why your support of our Emergency Voucher program is so urgently needed.

Please remember that your past gifts have helped…

· Provide mattresses to Native American families so they are no longer sleeping on the floor.

· Purchase and deliver small propane heating stoves and fuel through our Operation Winter Rescue to give families emergency heat during power or fuel outages.

· Dress small Native American children in warm clothing through our Winter Life- Guard program.

· Sustain NAHA Food Bank deliveries to far-flung reservations across South Dakota.

Please donate today so we can keep our Emergency Voucher program going and help as many families as we possibly can!

We are also starting to collect toys for the children at Christmas. We think every child deserves to have “Santa” visit their homes and leave presents for them to open. These children do not know what it’s like to wake up on Christmas morning and see presents and toys under the tree waiting for them. And let’s not forget about the teens on the Reservations. They deserve a Christmas as well. We know it is hard to think of what a teen boy or girl might want but if you search around the internet you may find ideas for them. Some examples are: jewelry, nail polish, music, movies and sports equipment.  Let’s make Christmas extra special this year for the children and teens on the Reservations!!!

Please ship any toys or items such as Barbies, arts and crafts, board games, trucks, action figures, etc. to:

12085 Quaal Rd
Black Hawk, SD 57718

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