October 2022 Newsletter

We have already started delivering products to the Reservations to get them prepared because bad weather and deadly temperatures are right around the corner. The weather can be very unpredictable at times, for example, it will be 60 degrees and then the next day they get 6 inches of snow. In fact, they already experienced winter weather last week. We recently acquired a truckload that had children’s bed frames, refrigerators, heaters, desks for school and other great items that they need.  This is why we tell our donors that monetary donations truly make a difference and allow us to purchase full truckloads of food, mattresses, diapers, bedding, personal and medical items, etc. at a fraction of the cost that you or I would pay in the store.

Toys for Tots

Last month we distributed toys to the children on the Reservations that we received from the Toys for Tots program through Good360, another non-profit that acquires donations through corporations such as Wal-Mart, Amazon, Eddie Bauer, NIKE, The Home Depot, etc. They sort the product, load the trucks and ship it to our warehouse for a small fee. The children were so happy to receive the toys that words can’t describe the joy and excitement they were feeling. This was a big deal for the kids and NAHA because due to the poverty that has plagued the Reservations in South Dakota for many, many years, they don’t get to enjoy the materialistic items that so many children do get to enjoy.

NAHA delivered toys through the Toys for Tots Program to Pine Ridge Village on the Pine Ridge Reservation here recently.  The elderly grandparents and mostly single parent families were allowed to receive the toy donations first.

“Ttoys for totshis little guy (pictured on the left) has just finished his cancer treatment and couldn’t have gotten a better surprise.  His dad was so grateful for the toys.  His son survived a battle with cancer.  All of the people receiving the toys were really amazed by the generosity from Toys for Tots.  What a way to start the holiday season helping people who truly do need it and appreciate these amazing toys.“

– Isiah Knight, Pine Ridge Village

Thanksgiving Turkeys

turkeysAs we all know Thanksgiving is about a month away which means we are getting the funds together to purchase turkeys and the trimmings to go with it such as, potatoes, canned goods, etc. Many families have experienced the same cruel situation every year, sitting down at their table on Thanksgiving Day with no food to share. I am afraid this will happen again this year which is why I am sending this urgent request to you and other caring supporters of NAHA to help purchase 1,500 turkeys or more to the families in need. For more than 25 years we have purchased and delivered turkeys to the Reservations and made Thanksgiving happy for thousands of Sioux families in need. We want to continue this good deed but we need the help and support of our amazing donors like you.

It’s important that you respond both quickly and generously for two reasons:

  1. Even though NAHA purchases turkeys in bulk, allowing us to stretch our dollars much farther than an individual could at a grocery store, it still takes a large sum of money to buy 1,500 turkeys.
  2. Buying that many turkeys and getting them to the families in remote parts of the Reservations we serve takes several weeks.

Your urgent response is greatly appreciated.  Please donate whatever you can manage, to help purchase turkeys and make Thanksgiving 2022 a Happy Thanksgiving for families that constantly struggle to keep food on their tables. We want to help as many families as we can. Please donate today so we can get started on purchasing and delivering turkeys to the Reservations in South Dakota.

From NAHA, we wish you and your family a joyous Thanksgiving Day!!!

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