October 2013 Newsletter

I am sure many of you have been watching the weather and know that South Dakota was hit with a record breaking blizzard about two weeks ago. It killed thousands of cattle and left millions of people without electricity for days, some places even weeks. Some got up to 4 feet of snow with winds clocking in at 70 mph making snow drifts 10 feet or higher. Everything was shut down which meant that NAHA was not able to deliver like we normally do. It’s hard when you know there are families and children on the Reservations that depend on our food, drinks and other necessities especially during a time like this, and we can’t get our trucks on the road to get them what they need. As soon as we were able, we proceeded to deliver much needed food, clothing, etc.  We have felt the caring and generosity of our donors during this hard time and we greatly appreciate it, as do they.

I know Christmas is still about two months away but that doesn’t mean we can’t start preparing to purchase turkeys so that families will be able to sit down on Christmas Day and enjoy a nice, hot nourishing meal with friends and other family members. If we do not help provide these meals they might face a bleak and hungry Christmas Day. We know that a 10-12 turkey plus the trimmings will feed a family of five or six people.  By donating $18, $36, $54 or more we can purchase a 10-12 pound turkey plus all the trimmings like stuffing, potatoes, vegetables, cranberry sauce and bread and butter. For a family of 6, a Christmas dinner will cost $3.00 per person. The cost is small, but the dinner is a God-send.  Please send in whatever contribution you can afford so we can make sure no one goes to bed hungry on Christmas. Help bring a hot, nourishing Christmas Feast to the poorest of the poor on the Sioux Reservations. Your generosity can help bring healing and health to many Native Americans families this Christmas.

If you don’t have money to send in please consider sending gently-used clothing, shoes, blankets, jackets or anything that is used on a daily basis. We are also collecting toys for our toy drive so that children on the Reservations may wake up on Christmas morning to toys and gifts instead of a few pieces of candy or nothing at all. You may ship these items to our warehouse in South Dakota: 12085 Quaal Rd., Black Hawk, SD 57718. Again, please send what you can immediately so we can get started on purchasing turkeys plus the trimmings so that Native American families won’t have to go hungry on Christmas Day.

We have a day of thanks, two days of getting deals and now we have #GivingTuesday, the giving season’s opening day. Please visit this link and follow our campaign. Spread the word and share the link with your friends and family. 12.3.13

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