October 2015 Newsletter

The holidays are coming and here at NAHA we have been working hard to make sure the Native Americans have food on their tables, proper clothing and heat in their homes. We just distributed a truckload of apples, potatoes, onions and baby food to the Reservations. What great and nutritious loads we were able to take to them. With winter approaching, blankets were being requested by many of the communities on the Reservations. We were able to get a full truckload of the down alternative blankets. We also acquired and distributed more of the NIKE clothing for the children along with backpacks, brand new NIKE tennis shoes consisting of different sizes, types, and colors, shampoo and conditioner. Fortunately, we have been able to acquire some really good, nutritious food items, good quality clothing items, basic life necessities, etc. in the past few weeks. Again, this would not be possible without your contributions and support.

For more than 20 years, NAHA has purchased turkeys with help from friends like you and made Thanksgivings happy for thousands of Sioux people on Reservations in South Dakota. We are determined to match our all-time high of delivering 1500 turkeys. We need to start preparing for the purchase and delivery of these turkeys which is why it’s important that you respond both quickly and generously for two reasons:

  1. Even though NAHA purchases turkeys in bulk- allowing us to stretch our dollars much farther than an individual could at a grocery store- it still takes a large sum of money to buy 1500 turkeys.
  2. Buying that many turkeys and getting them to families in remote parts of the Reservations served by NAHA takes several weeks. So, I must ask you to send your contribution in as soon as you can.

You understand better than most that the Native Americans who count on NAHA’s help face harsh living conditions. Their struggles are even tougher during the winter when whipping winds cut through the paper-thin walls of their homes and at the end of each month when food runs out. Because Thanksgiving falls at the end of November-and in the dead of brutally cold South Dakota winters, it’s a particularly difficult time for Native American families. Please donate today so we can give them a Thanksgiving to remember and enjoy with friends and family.

Also, please don’t forget we are collecting toys for Christmas time. We are accepting toys for all ages, including the teens. Some ideas on what you could send is: barbies, baby dolls, toy trucks or cars, board games, coloring books and crayons, arts and crafts activities, puzzles, sports equipment, etc. You may ship them to: NAHA, 12085 Quaal Rd., Black Hawk, SD 57718. Thank you immensely for your support and concern for the Native Americans.

Quick note: We are starting a campaign for propane stoves/fuel for the winter ahead. The link for the campaign is Please donate any amount you can afford. Anything at all helps!!! Just remember, your donation will keep an elderly or family warm this winter. Please share this link with friends and family and spread the word.

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