NAHA moves into our new warehouse facility

June, 2010 – What a busy 2010 it’s been so far!!!  We have moved into our new warehouse facility and have already put on an addition to the warehouse, which includes more loading docks, freezer area and enough space to seperate our deliveries by Reservation, community and CAP offices.  Also it allows us enough room to store Christmas toys all year long so don’t hesitate to send them anytime at all.

Reservation, community and CAP offices

This winter was very hard on the Reservations with snow and ice storms taking its toll on the Native American families.  Many families were without power for several weeks from the storms that broke miles of electric lines and power poles.  Dialysis and cancer patients had to be evacuated and taken to Rapid City for their life-saving treatments.  We received many more requests during this time for emergency supplies such as water, blankets and non-perishable food.  Thank you to everyone that made emergency donations to our Propane program so that once power was restored, fuel was in the tanks of the families that needed it.

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