May 2020 Newsletter

Of course, you are aware, this year of 2020 is no “ordinary” year. But even amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, our dedicated truck drivers, masked and gloved of course, continue to drive their sanitized trucks and deliver properly disinfected life necessities every day. With an already awful situation that is occurring on the Reservations daily, this just adds more obstacles. The struggle for survival is at crucial point and each month presents a challenge greater than the month before. Without hero’s like you, we surely would run out of the food we distribute and the blankets that keep penniless Native Americans from freezing under the brutal South Dakota winter winds. That is why the urgency of this email is very high.

Native Americans don’t want to have to rely on others for food, clothes for their children or heat for their homes. Some will go days before realizing they have nowhere else to turn. Other harsh realities of Reservation life:

  • Over 80% unemployment;
  • Not enough food to last through the end of the month;
  • Poor housing with little or no insulation;
  • No heat in their homes to ward off the cold; and,
  • No money to buy medicine, clothing or other basics you and I might take for granted.

Won’t you become a monthly donor? Even just a modest amount each month can make a big difference in the lives of Native American families when it is combined with other monthly contributors. Monthly contributions help us prepare for unfortunate weather or emergencies like the one we are experiencing now. Or just a one-time donation will help with our Emergency Voucher Program.

Stay safe and healthy!!

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