March 2016 Newsletter

We have been working hard distributing product to the Reservations. We have acquired Wal-Mart truckloads that consisted of diapers, paper products, tools, toys, bedding, etc. We were also able to get tile and hard wood flooring that will be used to replace old, deteriorating floors in the homes of Native Americans. As always, none of these products would be acquired and distributed if it wasn’t for your support and generous donations.

With Easter right around the corner, we will purchase all the makings of a traditional Easter dinner so we can load them on NAHA’s trucks and deliver them to families and elders who will otherwise go without on Easter Sunday. By purchasing in bulk and using our own trucks to deliver the food, we can provide a nutritious meal for a family of five for $30, $60 for two families, $90 for three families and so forth. Today I am asking you to please donate towards an Easter dinner because far too many of our Native American brothers and sisters count themselves lucky to have a few slices of bread or a watery bowl of soup to eat on Easter Sunday. Your donation will give them much more than that. It will give them a nice hot meal and hope.

You help make life better for struggling Native American families every day of the year through your support of NAHA’s work. Whether it’s a heating stove that warms the home of a Sioux elder through the long bitterly cold South Dakota winter or a NAHA emergency voucher enabling parents to clothe their children, your contributions can help NAHA improve the lives of Native Americans in many wonderful ways. So please, don’t wait to donate, donate now so we can distribute Easter dinners to the Reservations.

Please share this with friends and family and see if they can help as well. We have been a 4-star charity with Charity Navigator for 11 years and 95% of our budget goes towards our programs. Please visit for more information on our organization. We are also accepting gently used clothing for all ages and sizes, personal care items, diapers, baby items, toys or anything that you or I would use on a daily basis. You may ship these items to our warehouse: NAHA, 12085 Quaal Rd. Black Hawk, SD 57718. Thank you once more for all your support and concern for the Native Americans.

Happy Easter to you and yours from NAHA!!!

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