March 2015 Newsletter

This month we have been busy delivering products to the Reservations and getting ready to distribute Easter dinners. We acquired building supplies from Good360 to help improve living conditions on the Reservations. They were thrilled when we delivered truckloads of assorted housing material. We have been delivering truckloads of Wal-Mart items that include paper products (toilet paper, paper towels, etc.), baby items, bedding and other assorted items. We have also been delivering the loads of food we acquire each week such as drinks, potatoes, onions, water, salvage groceries and frozen foods. We were also able to provide additional propane and propane stoves this year to the Native Americans that were most in need. Now, thanks to our donors more Native Americans will be able to have a source of heat when the weather outside is dangerously cold.

My plea to you today is to help NAHA provide nutritious and festive Easter dinners to families living on the Reservations. Far too many of our Native American brothers and sisters will count themselves “lucky” if they have a few slices of bread or watery bowl of soup to eat on Easter Sunday. Yet no matter what is on Native Americans’ tables, if anything, the miracle of Easter will fill their hearts and lift their spirits the same way it does yours. But I’m sure you agree that a nice dinner helps complete the day. We have only a very short time to purchase all the makings of traditional Easter dinners, load them on NAHA’s trucks and get them to families who will otherwise go without on Easter Sunday. It doesn’t take a great deal of money to make a huge difference in the lives of people who have so little. A perfect example is the Easter dinners: by purchasing in bulk and using our own trucks to deliver the food, we can provide a nutritious meal for a family of five for just $30.

So please, send in whatever amount you can afford today. We need to get the dinners purchased and delivered before Easter Sunday. We are counting on our kind and generous donors to help make a memorable Easter for Native American families by putting food on their tables.

We are also accepting gently-used clothing and toys. You may send them to our warehouse at:

12085 Quaal Rd
Black Hawk, SD 57718

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