June 2017 Newsletter

The struggle for survival is at a crucial point, and each month presents a challenge greater than the month before here at NAHA. Without generous and kind donors like you, we would run out of the food we distribute and the blankets that keep penniless Native Americans from freezing under the brutal South Dakota winter winds.  We need you as a partner, more than ever. So please continue the help that makes you so special to us. Won’t you give a contribution each month so we can plan and act on emergency situations to help those who live so far below the poverty level? Every cent counts and every cent is put to work. Every cent means a better chance for at least a barely civilized lifestyle for those who can’t share the existence we, luckier than they are, take for granted.

We recently were awarded our 13th 4-star rating from Charity Navigator. This rating is so important to us because it shows our donors that we care about the Native Americans we support by making sure the most possible percentage is going towards the programs to help the families, children and elders on the Reservations. You may visit for more information on our rating. I also thought you would like to know that 96.5% of our total budget goes towards our program services.

If you could make a monthly gift each month to help Native American families in desperate need, it would be greatly appreciated. If you can’t help monthly that’s ok, a one-time gift will help out too.  So please, whatever you can do whether it’s a monthly or a one-time donation, WE NEED YOUR HELP NOW!!! Just click on the donate now button and it will take you to a secure page where you have the option to pick monthly or one-time donation. We are counting on you and we know you will not let us down!!!

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