July 2015 Newsletter

With the acquirement of excellent loads we are able to provide the necessities to families on the Reservations. We have provided families with new furniture, office furniture and an abundance of hardware for the housing departments on all the Reservations. We have been able to provide bathtubs to homes that did not have any. Brand new hard wood flooring for the CAP offices where mass amounts of heavy rain on the Reservations, have flooded the buildings. The dormitories were provided with new clothing for the children and school supplies. A majority of the children that stay at the dormitories arrive with just the clothing on their backs, so to be able to provide them with these necessities, is such a wonderful thing.

This summer we are providing food and drinks to fairs, Pow Wows and work programs on the Reservations. Later this month we will be contributing snacks for a kids fair in Wanblee on the Pine Ridge Reservation. We are always happy to help with events like these because we know that it helps the children forget about the bad and gives them a chance to have fun, play games and just enjoy themselves. We also will be providing food and drinks for the Rosebud Fair and Pow Wow.

I would like to ask, won’t you please help us provide food for the Native Americans for our emergency summer food drive. Many are starving on the Reservations. In fact two of every ten Native American households are without food. That is where we step in to put food on the tables and save lives. We cannot do this without your help. We deliver more than three million pounds of food every year and we are able to do that through contributions from our generous donors and our resources that we buy food from, undercharging us. An example of how much food we can buy with your donation: $15 will purchase 500 pounds of food; $30 will purchase 1,000 pounds of food and so on. The more you can contribute, the more food we are able to provide hungry Native Americans. So please send in whatever amount you can afford today so we can start distributing food to those who are in desperate need. Without NAHA, they will not have enough food to last through the month. So you can see why this is such an urgency.

I would also like to include that we are a 4-star charity with Charity Navigator and have been for ten years. 94% of our budget goes towards our program services. We also accept gently-used clothing, toys for the children and anything that you and I would use on a daily basis. You may ship these items to: NAHA, 12085 Quaal Rd, Black Hawk, SD 57718

Thank you in advance for any support you are able to provide!!!

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