Feb 2013 Newsletter

I am sure everyone is ready for spring to be here and the coldness to go away. For Native Americans living on the Reservations in South Dakota, their winter doesn’t end until May. NAHA has been working hard at trying to keep homes stocked with groceries, warm clothing on their backs and heating fuel in their stoves but we can only do so much. We acquired several truckloads of assorted grocery items, potatoes, drinks, etc. which was a big help since most of the Reservations were hit with snow storms all throughout the month. We just acquired a truckload that consisted of brand new clothing, shoes, jackets, hats, scarves, maternity wear and many more assorted items.

As I was saying in the beginning of this letter, winter does not end for the Native Americans in South Dakota until late May. This is bad news for these people since many of them do not have the money to keep their fuel tanks full or at least partially full for the cold, blistering winter that hits them every year from September to May. This is why I am sending an urgent request to you to please help provide needed propane heating fuel to the freezing families living on the Reservations in South Dakota.

We have a special arrangement with St. Francis Energy Company that allows us to fill one Native American family’s home heating tank for about $500.00. We realize that times are tough for everyone right now but with your contribution combined with many others we can help fill up the propane tanks for families that have infants, children and the elderly living with them. Temperatures have been dropping to negative 40 below here so it’s urgent that we get them fuel vouchers so they may fill their tanks. I know I can count on you to help keep them warm so please, whatever you can donate is much appreciated. We need to get these fuel vouchers out NOW before it’s too late. Thank you for supporting our organization and for helping the Native Americans in need. We couldn’t do this without you. Please remember that 94% of our total revenue goes towards our programs on the Reservations.

One thought on “Feb 2013 Newsletter

  1. I was sondering if I could get a little information on the NAHA organization. I have recently dealt with the CIN and found out that that organization has some problems. I am interested in the percentage of donations that your admin services take up. Normally, anything below 60% actual delivery of the donation to the needy is not satisfactory. I’ve seen some organizations as high as 90% admin costs, leaving only 10% benefits delivery to the needy. I am also following the St Joseph’s School and have asked them for the same info. I’d appreciate a comeback on this. Also. Are you directly affliliated with the Feeding America organization? Thanks for your assistance,

    Ted Strickland

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