Emergency Voucher Campaign

Spring is finally here and I am sure most of us have already experienced summer like temperatures, thunderstorms, rain and the sight of blooming flowers. This is NOT the case for the Native Americans living on the Reservations. I don’t know if you have been watching the weather lately but they have been hit with snow storms totaling almost 3 feet, snow drifts that cover buildings and ice that shuts down every road and highway. I am not talking about one snow storm, but one after another after another. That is why this letter is so important and why I need you to respond immediately.

Every year NAHA, through the generosity of its supporters, deposits funds with the St. Francis Energy Company for the months November through March. In fact we just sent what would be our last check for the bitter cold winter season. But this is not your normal year weather- wise and instead of springtime making its way onto the Reservations we are currently facing temperatures below freezing, heavy snow storms, wind and ice. Right now families on the Reservations are hungry, shivering in unheated homes and praying that NAHA will be able to come to their aid. Some will go days even weeks being cold, hungry and increasingly desperate before accepting the reality that they have nowhere else to turn. So with hundreds of Native American families now in need of NAHA’s help, I have no one else to turn to except caring NAHA supporters like you.

That’s why I am hoping you will rush a special contribution of any amount you can afford to help purchase Emergency Vouchers for Native American families who are cold and hungry. The weather has taken a turn for the worse so we need to get these vouchers to families NOW!!!

Just a few statistics on the harsh realities of Reservation life:

— Over 80% unemployment;
— Not enough food to last through the end of the month;
— Poor housing with little or no insulation;
— No heat in their homes to ward off the cold; and,
— No money to buy medicine, clothing or other basics you and I might take for granted.


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