Emergency Voucher – August Newsletter

We need your immediate help in the form of a generous donation to give more struggling families the vouchers they urgently need to make it through another bitterly cold South Dakota winter. NAHA’s Emergency Voucher program allows cold and hungry Native American families to purchase food for their children, heat their homes during the bitterly cold winter months and care for their ailing elders. I cannot keep up with the rising demand for vouchers for essential items like food, clothing and propane for heating stoves. On average, our Emergency Voucher program provides $15,000 worth of vouchers per month – an impressive accomplishment that’s made possible by the support of friends like you.

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The pressing need for NAHA vouchers is made clear by just a few of the harsh realities of reservation life:
* Over 70% unemployment;
* Not enough food to last through the end of the month;
* Ramshackle housing with little or no insulation to ward off the cold;
* No money to buy medicine or gasoline to run emergency errands; and,
* Threadbare clothing that gives little protection against biting blizzard

Such terrible conditions help explain why the normal life expectancy on the reservation is only 58 years of age, as well as why your support of our Emergency Voucher program is so urgently needed.  Our Emergency Vouchers are as good as cash at grocery stores, fuel depots and other merchants because NAHA supporters like you back them up with your generosity.  That’s why I am counting on you to help raise our $15,000 monthly expenditures on vouchers  up  to  at  least  $50,000 – the amount needed to help spare reservation families horrible suffering this winter!

Any size gift you send today will help provide NAHA Emergency Vouchers for Native American elders, families and children who are hungry, cold, sick and despairing that their suffering will have no end.  Remember that 92% of all revenue goes towards helping the Native Americans in need.


All donations are Tax-Deductible and you will receive a tax receipt for your donation.
Please consider choosing one of our donation packages to donate directly To NAHA.
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With your aid we can help a child stay warm this winter!

3 thoughts on “Emergency Voucher – August Newsletter

  1. i read about your charity in our local paper written by elizabeth mcpherson,lowell mass.i went on line to learn more about you. the emergency voucher program is one which i am interested in but with caution. if it can be
    used to purchase liquor,drugs,tobacco ect. thankyou, mary harvey

    1. Hi Ms. Harvey, I just want to let you know that the emergency vouchers cannot be used to purchase liquor, drugs, tobacco, etc. So please don’t think it will be used for those purposes. Emergency vouchers are strictly used for fuel so that Native Americans can get to their medical appointments or get to the grocery store. If you need anything else please email me at Thank you.

  2. We too are American Indian and are very proud of our Indian ancestry culture. Will you please email me your mailing address? I would like to make small donations to help feed, clothe and protect those of our heritate who are in need. Even though I can not give much, I want to be as great a part in this as I can. Thanks, God bless each.
    Note: I feel more secure in mailing cashier’s checks to our headquarters physically instead of on-line. MP.

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