Emergency Relief for Those Without Heat

Emergency Need For Those Without Warmth Or Heat!

Relief efforts needed on the Reservations of South Dakota

For several weeks, the Reservations of South Dakota have been hit with severe weather conditions. Blizzards and whiteout conditions have hampered efforts to get propane and heat to the many Native American families that so desperately need it.

That being said, we have received EMERGENCY requests from the Presidents of the Tribal Offices for propane assistance. With such extreme conditions, families are running out of propane more rapidly with temperatures plunging to -33 degrees below zero and daytime highs, without wind chills, at – 18 below zero… and families don’t have the money to fill their propane tanks. The average cost to fill one family’s propane tank is around $250.00. We need several donations of $25, $50, $100 or more to help fill as many families’ propane tanks as possible.

With the tragic earthquake in Haiti, we know many people are directing their support to the poor people there. However, with such extreme weather conditions occurring right here in the United States, we are pleading for people to help NAHA with this EMERGENCY.

Please act now to help us help the many families RIGHT NOW that so desperately need heat. We are not asking you to do this alone. With your donation of $25, $50, $100 or more, we can combine this with other donations that we receive to help as many people as possible.

Act  NOW — don’t delay in sending your donation today. Call or Click right now to make your donation. We offer payment via credit card, electronic funds transfer from your checking account or by PayPal or Amazon payments. Please don’t delay in helping provide the gift of WARMTH to a Native American family in need.

Also, in partnership with Capital One, NAHA now has our own credit card. Apply at and receive our credit card that comes with a fixed, low rate, no annual fee and with your first purchase, NAHA will receive a $25 donation from Capital One and we will receive an additional 1% of your total yearly purchases. Apply TODAY, as new credit card laws take effect on February 22, 2010.

Help NAHA today with the Relief Efforts in South Dakota NOW!!!

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