Easter 2013 Newsletter

Easter is just around the corner and for many Native American families they won’t have the festive and nutritious meals that many of us will have and enjoy on this day. Far too many of them will count themselves “lucky” if they have a few slices of bread or a watery bowl of soup to eat on Easter Sunday. Yet no matter what they have to eat on this day their spirits will still be lifted just to know that they have this day to spend with their families and friends. It is always nice to have that hot meal on the table to enjoy with others. That is why I am pleading with you to please help provide Easter dinners to the families living on the Reservations who will otherwise go without or very little.

By purchasing in bulk and using our own trucks to deliver the food, we can provide a nutritious meal for a family of five for only $30. Keep in mind though, that we are trying to provide dinners to over 1,500 families so I am counting on you and hoping you will be able to contribute. Even if it’s just a small amount, combined with everyone else’s contributions it will make a huge difference. Whether it’s a heating stove that warms the home of a Sioux elder through the long bitterly cold South Dakota winter or a NAHA emergency voucher enabling parents to clothe their children, your contributions help NAHA improve the lives of Native Americans in many wonderful ways. It doesn’t take a great deal of money to make a huge difference in the lives of people who have so little and NAHA’s Easter dinner is a perfect example.

We only have a very short time to purchase the meals, so please, hurry and send your most generous contribution that you can afford and help Native American families enjoy a hot meal on this Easter Day and many days after. NAHA wishes you and your family a Happy Easter!!!

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