December 2017

As the holidays approach we have been very busy loading up our trucks at the warehouse in Black Hawk, South Dakota taking food, clothing, household items, blankets, etc. to the Reservations. Meanwhile, here at our administrative office in Virginia, we have been steadily working hard taking care of the fundraising part of the organization. We effortlessly talk with our partners to acquire the much-needed items the Native Americans are asking for. The one product that always seems to come up is mattresses. Here within the last two months, we have been able to get eight truckloads of assorted sized brand new Tempur Pedic mattresses. It is awful when you hear a parent tell you that their young child is sleeping on the floor because they do not have a bed in their home. That is not okay. We could not have acquired these truckloads of mattresses without your contributions to our organization so thank you for helping many, many Native Americans!

We delivered Thanksgiving dinners back in November, thanks to your donations towards our holiday programs. We took turkeys, potatoes, onions, eggs and fresh bread to the communities so families could enjoy a nice Thanksgiving dinner. We always get such great, fresh truckloads of food to take to the Reservations because if it wasn’t for our trucks coming in with the food that we acquire, they would run out before months end. No one should ever go hungry.

Our NAHA trucks have been delivering toys since last week and will deliver toys till we have none left. I believe this year was a record-breaking year as we had eight truckloads of toys we will have delivered once it is all said and done!!!! So, thank you to all of our donors that sent in toys for the children who otherwise would have woken up on Christmas morning with nothing at all. You have made Christmas a memorable one for a special someone!

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