Christmas 2014 Newsletter

We are happy to say we were able to acquire new products this month for the Reservations that included home improvement materials. The same products you would find at Home Depot and Lowes. It will be used to improve housing, nursing homes, schools, etc. on the Reservations. I’m very optimistic that we will be able to acquire more of these loads in the near future.  We have received and distributed loads of Wal-Mart this month and truckloads of paper products such as toilet paper, paper towels, etc. We are in process of trying to acquire more products to distribute. It is becoming harder and harder to find the necessities needed on the Reservations.

It’s that time of year again when the holiday spirit is among us and everyone is finding themselves wanting to donate to a worthy charity. Our donations have fallen off dramatically and it’s happening at the worst time of the year – the Holiday season. Right now we are getting prepared to deliver turkeys to the Reservations for Thanksgiving. We are also going to be able to deliver truckloads of potatoes and pumpkins with the turkeys. Pumpkins aren’t just used for decorations. It makes an excellent food source as well. We will make sure they have a nutritious, hot meal just like you or I would.

Christmas isn’t too far away either, so to prepare for our delivery of Christmas feasts this year, we need to start accepting donations right away. Without your donations, NAHA won’t be able to provide these Christmas meals therefore many Native American families might face a bleak and hungry Christmas Day. They all will crowd into one family members home and even though it might be freezing cold inside they still look forward to getting together on this spirited holiday. I have talked with 35 communities on the Reservations and they are all hoping that NAHA will be able to provide turkey dinners for their people just like we did for Thanksgiving. Again, without your donations we are afraid we might not be able to fulfill these requests. It breaks my heart to think we might not be able to deliver as many dinners as we would like to. I know times are hard for everyone right now but we need your help! Please send a donation in as soon as you can. $18 will provide a dinner for one Native American family, $36 for two, $54 for three, $72 for four, $90 for five and so on. Anything you can donate will be a blessing.

If you aren’t able to donate a monetary donation please consider donating toys for the children.  Most children wake up on Christmas morning to a piece of candy or worse, nothing at all. The joy that is seen in a child’s eyes when they wake up and see that “Santa” has visited their home is priceless.  Please make sure the toys or clothing or whatever you can send is in good condition and gently-used.  We understand that toys are not a necessity but every child deserves a Christmas where “Santa” has left something special underneath the tree.

It is now in your hands. Please help bring a hot, nourishing Christmas feast to the poorest of the poor on the Sioux Reservations and toys to the children who will otherwise go without.  Click the donate now button and do your part in making this the best Christmas ever for Native Americans living on the poverty stricken Reservations. You may send all toys and clothing to:

12085 Quaal Rd
Black Hawk, SD 57718

All monetary donations are tax-deductible. We are also able to give a credit of $14.72 per pound of clothing.  We will send out thank you/tax receipts for all donations once they are received and processed. From NAHA, we wish you and your family Happy Holidays!!!

5 thoughts on “Christmas 2014 Newsletter

  1. Do you have access to big rigs? I was in logistics for fifteen years. Lots of companies will “donate” if you can provide transportation to pick up. I am in Georgia. Praying for you and my people…

    1. Yes we actually have 3 tractor trailers that we run daily to deliver products to the Reservations. We have been going and picking up food loads from different locations that are donated. Do you have any contacts with companies that would be willing to donate truckloads of product if we provide transportation for pick up? It is a shame to think many big companies or stores throw away useful products when it could be put to good use and taken to individuals or families in need. Please email me at if you have more information on where we could call to pick up donated product.

  2. You don’t seem to be a part of the eBay Giving Works program as I can’t find you listed there. When anyone buys at eBay, they are asked to donate $1.00 to a charity in their program. I would like to recommend you for their program, but it requires a contact name & email. Whom should I tell them to contact & where?

    1. You may tell them to contact myself, Erin Hibbs and my email address is Please let me know if you have any other questions and thank you for making me aware of this program. We are involved in several other programs like this one such as Amazon Smile, GoodSearch, etc.

  3. Families Working Together is a non-profit organization that works on the Pine Ridge Reservation in South Dakota. We focus in the Wanblee area We have had the pleasure of working with NAHA for sometime now and are very pleased with the work that you are doing. Prior to your coming to the Wanblee area many of the families were constantly without basic needs such as toilet paper, soap, tooth paste etc. We are now happy to say because of your contributions to the area we can refocus on more sustainable projects such as the housing shortage and the substandard housing that does exist. We are busy working on sewing and cooking classes as well as gardening. Thanks for all you do Mary

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