2010 Blizzards are Gone, But Bone-Chilling Cold Remains

The Blizzards Are Gone But The Cold Remains

This winter, Mother Nature has wreaked havoc on the Reservations of South Dakota. Snowstorm after snowstorm and ferocious winds have snapped power lines leaving many stranded without heat, water or food for several weeks. Kidney dialysis patients have had to be evacuated to Rapid City, South Dakota for their life-saving treatments. The storms have left even the most prepared Native American families stranded wondering how propane and electric companies will get to them to restore electricity and deliver much needed propane.

In light of the fact that winter is normally a busy and demanding time for NAHA, many people have come to our aid to help with this emergency situation. We would like to thank the DAILY KOS website and Keith Olbermann for their concern and support during this trying time.

Without this much needed support, we wouldn’t have been able to help as many families as we have with propane and emergency food supplies. NAHA is grateful to have such kind and generous donors.

With the THREE blizzards that occurred during the last week of April and into the first two weeks of May 2009, we are all too familiar with how long winter lasts in South Dakota. We are, therefore, continuing our heating assistance program.

Donate NOW to make sure we have funds readily available to continue helping the Native American families in need. With Easter approaching, NAHA will try to provide Easter dinners to the families that so desperately need a respite after this dismal winter.

Please Donate NOW to help us with this effort!!!

Without your help, we cannot make these programs possible.

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Thank you again for helping NAHA help the Native American families on the Reservations of South Dakota. NAHA is a 4- Star Charity by Charity Navigator.

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PLEASE HELP US NOW!!! It takes time to sort and pack the toys to get them to the Reservations.  Don’t delay helping to make Christmas a special day for so many children at risk. Rush your toys to NAHA and let “Santa” deliver them so that every child has a gift to open on Christmas morning! Thank you for everything that you do and may I be the first to wish you and your family a very Merry Christmas!!!

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