NAHA Emergency Voucher Program

Who benefits from NAHA Emergency Vouchers?

  • Homeless Families
  • Native Americans with disabilities
  • Elderly who have no transportation
  • Children that need to go to the doctor

Emergency VoucherImagine that you need treatment for cancer or kidney dialysis or are simply sick and need to go to the doctor and the closest medical facilities are over 100 miles away.  You have no money to buy gas for your car or you have no car at all.  What would you do?

For many Native Americans, this is their way of life.  There is no money to purchase a vehicle, let alone gas to travel for medical care.  They either rely on a neighbor who lives near them or a community center van to take them to these appointments. Back in 2012 United Auto Workers donated money to NAHA to purchase 3 vans that could be used for medical transportation. The  donated vans have been extremely beneficial by providing transportation for the elderly or any person who must go to the doctors or dialysis.

NAHA Emergency Voucher program helps by providing a Fuel Voucher to the neediest Native Americans.  With these vouchers, medical emergencies are met with a greater sense of hope.  Calling on a neighbor with a vehicle is easier when you can use your NAHA Emergency Voucher to pay for the gas in their car to get to the hospital or treatment facility.

NAHA has set up a program with local gas stations to accept the Fuel Vouchers.  You can help us provide an Emergency Voucher to a deserving Native American child or elder by making a donation now on our confidential and secure donation page. Please help someone by making a donation, today, if possible.

Below, is a letter that we received from the Lower Brule Sioux Tribe’s Health Administration:

Letter from the Lower Brule Sioux Tribe’s Health Administration